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My mission is to empower other adopted women to share their stories by supporting them on their healing journeys as they learn to love and accept themselves.  There is something so powerful about sharing your story!    Sharing my story had a huge impact  on my ability to   start the healing process. 
As I continue to heal i'm experiencing a more fulfilled life, forming healthier relationships, and living life unapologetically.

We are all uniquely gifted and created,  be authentic, be true, be you!!

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I appreciate all the work she is doing in this incredibly important arena

- Leslie ( Adoptive Parent)

Powerful, I'm still in Awe

- Patrice M. ( Adult Adoptee)

Thank you so much!! Your voice will help a lot of families!! - Becca

I love that you are doing this. We're two white parents who adopted two biracial girls at birth. - Kat

Hi! Just letting you know I love your content and story. Very compelling and I'm grateful black adoptees have this resource. - Kirk

You made me cry again, thank you for sharing. You are such a beautiful speaker and I just can't wait to hear more of what you have to say. 


Just watched the video you posted today. Thank you for your openness and sharing of yourself, Amanda. I'm learning a lot from you. - Sarah

Just want to say thanks for continuing to show up. I love your energy and your truthfulness! - Tracy






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