Transracial Adoption Educator/ Speaker/ Lifestyle Coach

Amanda Justice


 I am an adult transracial adoptee, mother and wife. I use my own personal experiences to educate  white adoptive parents on transracial adoption. I also provide lifestyle coaching to adult adoptees who need some support with navigating their own journeys for healing and success.  As a lifestyle coach I help individuals make progress in their lives in order to attain a greater fulfillment. I do this by improving your relationships, careers and day to day lives. Lifestyle coaches, target your unique skills and gifts with encouragement, support and guidance to help you with personal goals/transitions, business, professional, relationships with friends, family and partners.

Growing up I struggled with, racial identity, low self-esteem , anxiety and acceptance. A lot of what I was dealing with was due to suppressed emotions surrounding my  adoption. I was confused, hurt and in pain. I fought for years to try and figure out who I was and where I fit in. I felt as if no one would understand, or relate to how I was feeling. It was a constant battle to find myself and decide what I wanted to do with my life. Community is  crucial, surrounding myself with others who understood my experiences  as an adoptee  is life changing.

Well! I came to the conclusion that I was no longer going to let my past experiences with my adoption dictate my future. Relying on my faith, learning to forgive those who caused me pain and accepting who I was, enabled me to discover my purpose. My purpose is to help others who are just like me, TR  adoptees. Finding my purpose was a difficult process and I encountered many trials along the way. I have been on my healing journey and the feeling is so amazing that I want to share it with those within  the    adoption community. By educating  white  adoptive parents they will understand what their child needs to thrive. When the parents know better they can do better!


I truly want to inspire other adoptees to heal, grow and reach that point of self-gratitude and let them know they are loved and worthy of love and they are not alone. As a role model I will support Transracial adoptees navigate their own purpose in life. My guidance will encourage and uplift adoptees to reach their goals and live out their dreams. As a Transracial Adoption educator, I will supply you with essential information that will allow you to provide growth and a comfortable environment for your child to support them in developing a healthy racial identity. My experiences growing up in a white family provided me with first hand knowledge of life as a TR Adoptee. Growing up my parents had no youtube or social media, they did best they could with no resources , but it taught me a lot. I know your struggles, your concerns, fears and uncertainties. I was blessed with this life because God knew I would use it to serve and for that I am grateful. This is such an exciting chapter in my life and I am honored to have you with me on this journey.