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About Amanda Justice

 Hello!!!  As an adult transracial adoptee, mother and wife, I use my own personal experiences to educate white adoptive parents on transracial adoption.


Growing up I struggled with my own racial identity, low self-esteem , anxiety and acceptance. A lot of what I was dealing with was due to suppressed emotions surrounding my adoption. I was confused, hurt and emotionally drained. It took years to try and figure out who I was and where I fit in. Often I felt as if no one would understand, or relate to the batttles I was fighting internally.  Community is crucial and surrounding myself with others who understand my experiences as an adoptee is life changing.


I truly want to inspire other adoptees to heal, grow, reach that point of self-gratitude and let them know they are not alone. As a Transracial Adoption educator, I will supply you with essential information that will allow you to provide growth and a comfortable environment for your child as you support them in developing a healthy racial identity. My experiences growing up in a white family provided me with first hand knowledge of life as a transracial adoptee. Growing up my parents had no youtube or social media, they did best they could with no resources , but it taught me a lot. I know your struggles, your concerns, fears and uncertainties.

  There is something so powerful about sharing your story!    Sharing my story had a huge impact on my own healing and personal growth. As I continue to heal i'm experiencing a more fulfilled life, forming healthier relationships, and living life unapologetically .We are all uniquely gifted and created,  be authentic, be true, be you!! - Amanda

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