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The information provided in this ebook is an opportunity for you to make a difference in the stigmas surrounding transracial adoption and the negative connotations that some of you may hear when you choose to adopt a child out of your race. It was created to give white adoptive parents support in areas that can be challenging while raising a child of color. This Ebook includes 6 chapters of material that you can begin to use immediately in your everyday lives. It also includes a very special chapter " Amanda's Personal Reflection" , which gives you some more insight into my childhood growing up and developing my own racial identity. A workbook is also included, that has exercises to support you in navigating areas of your life where you can use some more support or education. If you are a white adoptive parent and are raising a child of color, this book is for you.

A Guide to Supporting Your Child Develop a Strong Racial Identity

  • When downloading this product you agree not to copy, share or sell this information. This ebook is for informational purposes only and not to replace any help by a mental health professional or doctor.