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Black Girl
White Family

Amanda McKinstry

Transracial Adoptee/ Educator/ Lifestyle Coach

"Bridging the gap between Transracial Adoptees and Transracial Adoptive Parents"


My name is Amanda McKinstry. I am excited that you decided to learn more about transracial adoption and how you can support your adoptee. I am an adult transracial adoptee, who was adopted at just three days old into a white family. As a transracial adoptee I understand the difficulties that Adoptive parents face when it comes to the lack of education they are offered when they decide to adopt a child of another race more specifically, white adoptive parents and black adoptees. They are left with little to know information on how to conquer the emotions and situations their child will encounter throughout their lives. More importantly I understand the challenges your adoptee will face. My personal experience as a transracial adoptee has provided me with the ability to discover my racial identity, develop coping skills for racism and learn how to accept myself in every way possible. Everything that I have experienced growing up in white family, I want to share with you. Adoptive Parents need education on these obstacles and resources on how to assist their child when confronted with challenges such as racial identity, cultural socialization and racism.I am here to provide you with the support and education you need.  As a parent myself, I will do anything in my power to ensure my child has a better life and an even greater future! I am sure you will too!  Are you ready to invest the time to learn about transracial adoption ?






Their Future

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